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Mar 7


I’ve never needed a hug more than today


Mar 1

Feb 18

Who just wrote a 9 page literary short story in 3 hours? This bitch.

Feb 8

Da Rules



  1. Any pokemon that faint are to be considered dead and boxed permanently.

    -Revives clause: If I have a revive in my bag, I must use it the turn after a pokemon has fainted. This will allow the pokemon to be resuscitated. Revives cannot be purchased from shops, however. And I can choose not to use a revive if I wish. (If a pokemon uses a move like self-descruct or explosion, this clause is void.)

  2. Only the first pokemon encountered in each area may be caught. It must then me wondertraded immediately. Each dungeon, route, and town count as one area. 

    -Duplicate clause: Only one pokemon of each family line may be used throughout the journey. If repeat pokemon are encountered or traded for, I may reencounter or retrade until I get a pokemon whose family I have not seen before.

    -Shiny clause: Any encountered shiny pokemon may be captured and will not be counted toward a route’s encounter. They will simply exist as if they had never been encountered at all, and will also not be used during the journey.

    -Stability clause: If I do not have a pokemon on my team or in my box that is required to continue the game (ex. a pokemon that can learn cut), I may catch a pokemon outside of my encounter limit only to be able to use that move. It may not be used in battle, however.

  3. Every caught pokemon must be given the name “Wonderlocke.” Received pokemon will be given nicknames aside from their in-game names.

  4. Only pokeballs can be purchased. Other balls can be used to catch pokemon but only if found/given throughout the journey.

  5. The starter pokemon is considered on loan until I can capture a pokemon of my own. It may be retained to level up the starting pokemon to a reasonable level. (Starter will be boxed but not used after the very beginning.)

    -Level clause: If the first received pokemon is above level 10, it may be traded until a pokemon under level 10 is received. This is to prevent the starting areas from being too easy.

    -Received clause: Other received pokemon (such as lapras and the second starter) may be retained, but cannot be used. Or, they can instead be wondertraded and the received pokemon can be used.

  6. Any pokemon used during gym battles must have an equal number of affection hearts as the number of gym. (ex. First gym cannot be challenged until all pokemon being used have at least one heart in pokemon amie. Fifth gym cannot be challenged until all pokemon being used have at least 5 hearts.)

    -Removal clause: Pokemon may be removed from the party if their affection is not high enough and boxed rather than participating.



I’ll be updating in character over here on this side blog, so if you’re into pokemon or whatevs, feel free to stalk me.

Feb 4

Canceling any and all current projects. So if you were expecting to see something from me/expecting something (lol yeah right), well it’s not happening now.

Feb 1

Jan 29

This gaaaaaaaame omfg. Why

Jan 23

Why does this show have so many needles in it jfc it’s worse than House.

Jan 22


Someone make me write this paper or it’s never going to get done. It’s due at 10 am tomorrow and I have all of a sentence. 

Aha! I did it! It’s a piece of shit but it’s done now I can sleep. *flees*

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